Our Work

Research and publication of Vedic literature


The Trust has been involved, from the beginning, in research in Arsha literature. Many books on the subject have been authored, edited and published.


Students pursuing Ph.D. programmes in Delhi and other universities are helped by the eminent faculty of PMV


In the field of Research and publishing the Trust has published many books on Vedas, Liturgy, Spiritualism, Grammar, Etymology, Metres, Astronomy etc., History, Political Science and other allied subjects.


Trust takes pride in having published over 180+ books.

An error-free and the most authentic edition of the Kashika, an elaborate gloss on the Paninian Ashtadhayi written by Jayaditya and Vaman.

Latest edition of Madhaviya Dhatuvritti has been published.

Traitsidhantadarsha authored by Pt. Shiv Shankar Kavyateerth has also been published.

Ved-Vani – A monthly publication was started in 1948. It has been published for the last fifty-six years. Articles cover areas of Vedas, Vedic literature and philosophy, Vedang.  Articles published cover areas of importance from spiritual, social and research angle.  

All publications meet high standards required for study and research by students and scholars of the subject.


Trust has taken upon itself the responsibility to provide for education in terms of the formal system laid down in the intuitional literature.  

The Library

Swami Siyaram Vedic Pustakalay

The library is furnished with a large collection of books, rare printed and original manuscripts, some 100s of years old.

There are around ten thousand books in the library, of which hundreds are rare ones.

Over one thousand books are also available on subjects of history, general literature, Ayurved, religion, ethics, metaphysics and general references.

Books are mainly in Sanskrit, Hindi and English.

Subjects include Vedas, Brahmanas, Grammar, Liturgy, Vedic Philosophy etc. essential for modern research work.

Mahavidyalaya has a collection of more than ten thousand standard books.

Efforts are made to collect modern publications based on research.   

Besides the books around fifty journals in Sanskrit, Hindi and English ear obtained which are of variety of publication frequency like weekly, fortnightly and monthly.  Four research publications are also available.

Printing Press

In 1967 Trust established a printing press with two small machines. With this publishing of books could be done to ensure error-free printing.