About Us

RLK Trust Aims to serve society through various avenues such as Indian culture, education, science, and medicine.

Ram Lal Kapoor Trust was set up in 1928 under the guidance of Pujya Guru ji – Pt. Brahmadtta ji Jigyasu to research ancient Vedic literature, its safe custody and its dissemination. To serve the society through Indian culture, education, science and medicine.

Trust’s emphasis on science and medicine indicates an inclination towards promoting advancements in these fields. It may support research initiatives, facilitate collaborations, or provide resources to contribute to scientific and medical progress. This approach can significantly benefit society by fostering innovation, improving healthcare, and addressing societal challenges.

Ram Lal Kapoor Trust’s commitment to education, science, and medicine reflects its dedication to the betterment of society. It suggests a holistic approach towards social development, combining traditional wisdom with modern advancements. By supporting education, the trust likely promotes the dissemination of knowledge and the cultivation of critical thinking skills.

Aims and objectives of the trust

The objectives are achieved by